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PR Aspen Bedding 10 Litre

PR Aspen Bedding 10 Litre

Price from: £7.80

Aspen Bedding 5 LitresProRep Aspen Bedding is suitable for snakes some lizards birds and smallmammals. It is soft dust-free odourless and highly absorbent and ismade from non-toxic shredded wood sourced from sustainable forests.Directions:Spread the substrate evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 1-2(2.5-5cm). Spot-clean daily and completely replace every two or three weeks or morefrequently if it becomes heavily soiled or wet. If you are using an under-tank heatmat asyour heat source do not use a thick layer of Aspen as this may cause the heatmat tooverheat. Please refer to the heatmat manufacturer's instructions for more information.


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